Clipse – Til The Casket Drops (2009)


“Follow the leader, exhaust pipes and breathers…The flash from the barrel turns bullies to believers…” – Pusha T on ‘Footsteps’

With bars like that, the Thornton brothers ensured the drug dealing collective known as The Clipse would leave on a high note. In what would be their final album together, Malice and Pusha T put forth a flawless effort, making sure the world would remember them as a dynamic rap duo.

With production predominantly handled by The Neptunes (whom they’ve worked with from the very beginning of their careers) and features from: Kanye West, Cam’ron, Pharrell, Yo Gotti, Nicole Hurst, Keri Hilson, Kobe Honeycutt, Kenna and longtime friend and collaborator Ab-Liva (shout out to the Re-Up Gang), the Clipse come through with suave rhymes on tracks like ‘Popular Demand (Popeyes)’ and ‘I’m Good.’ They switch the styles up with hard hitting lyrics on tracks like ‘Kinda Like A Big Deal’ and keep the coke raps coming with songs like ‘Showing Out’ and ‘Door Man.’

With that being said, the highlight of the album comes via track number twelve entitled ‘Footsteps’ where the Virginia natives give listeners a glimpse into the darkness they’ve endured and witnessed throughout their adolescence, before the bright lights of hip-hop shone on them. By no means do they encourage others to follow their journey and make it abundantly clear their past is a closed chapter on their lives.

Malice comes into his second verse with a tone seemingly asking for forgiveness, stressing to the audience that what he’s experienced in life is nothing worth bragging about. What makes his verses eerie is Malice would eventually go on to become a Christian rapper by the name “No Malice” and has publicly discussed his new found faith and spirituality, claiming he had to start repenting due to his impending judgement from God.

All in all, if this is the last Clipse project we ever get, it would certainly be a fitting last chapter for a group that helped pioneer the coke-rap game, giving those who aren’t associated with the street life insight into a world they’d otherwise never have visited.

It’s not for you to do what I do, rather do what I say…These footsteps could lead you astray

Lead you to the cell or lead you to a grave…Either way you might never see the light of day” – Malice on ‘Footsteps’

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