Snoop Dogg chops it up with the Drink Champs – Talks about rally for peace

The OG hSnoopDrinkChamps[300]imself stopped by fellow OGs NORE and DJ EFN’s (awesome) podcast ‘Drink Champs’ to have a good ol’ fashioned session while discussing anything and everything.

Recently, Snoop and his comrade The Game (also a westcoast rapper), organized a march for peace after multiple incidents involving police officers around the United States shooting or forcefully detaining coloured individuals (seemingly without just cause) led to widespread alarm among people not only in the U.S. but the world as a whole.

The Doggfather reveals it was actually The Game who came up with the idea of organizing the rally.

“[Game] called me and he was distraught I really wasn’t paying attention to the news because there were niggas getting killed everyday,” said Snoop.

“I’m lost I don’t know what to do, I always come to you I want to fuck up some shit and I was like nigga I do too.”

While Snoop and The Game are both notorious for their gangsta raps and even more gangsta actions, Snoop mentions he had to use a more rational approach when giving advice regarding this situation.

“We fed up with all this police brutality and all this shit that’s going on, we were fucking fed up so when he called me I was ready for him to tell me let’s go fuck up some shit,” recalls Snoop. “I can’t lead him like that I never led him down a dark alley I always gave him a light.”

Snoop would go on to reveal their timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect. As the two rappers were getting ready for the march to begin, there just happened to be a fresh batch of recent police graduates who were in their vicinity. This led to a valuable opportunity for the community and the police officers to make a formidable impression on one another and help ease the tensions of conflict.

It’s a long interview but worth the watch. Snoop Dogg discusses a variety of topics in addition to his march for peace. You can view Part One in its entirety here: