Termanology put the work in to become a hip-hop mainstay

A rapper who is steady on his grind, Termanology recently sat down in B-Real’s Smokebox and spoke on his impressive consistency as an MC over the past 14 years, noting it has nothing to do with luck.

Boasting a catalogue that includes numerous mixtapes and ten albums (four solo, six as a collaborative effort), Term was determined to put the work in from the very beginning.

“Talent and grind are two different things,” said Termanology. “I started so young that like, I was already on the radio when I was in high school, I was already on tour; I was already getting it when I was in high school putting out vinyls and CDs and shit.”

That work ethic kept his mind right and instilled confidence, which would help usher him to follow his dreams.

“Right around then I was like, ‘there’s no way that nothing else is happening, this is it; there’s no jobs there’s no fallback plan, I’m gonna be one of the greatest rappers of all time and that’s it,’” said the Massachusetts rapper.

A true student of the game, his love for hip-hop is what keeps him going. He revealed that growing up, he was interested in every facet of hip-hop.

“I did all the four elements man,” said one half of the 1982 duo. “I’m not good at DJ-ing at all, I’m not really good at anything else but rapping but I did it all. I used to break-dance in high school, I used to tag, collect records and shit like that, try to scratch, make beats all that; I just love hip-hop.”

His passion for hip-hop helped keep him focused, as his advice for up and coming rappers is to make sure they give it their all or else it’s fruitless. If they don’t appreciate the culture as a whole, then in Term’s eyes it’s not worth pursuing rap as a career.

“I would say if you’re not ready to give your whole life up for it, don’t do it,” he said.

“Don’t just do this shit for the paper or just do it, you know, for shine or for bitches because that’s only a phase. You’re gonna play yourself and you’re gonna waste a good year or two, and a bunch of money, and then you’re gonna give up.”

Wise words from a veteran MC.

The full interview can be viewed below and in it, Termanology discusses his new album ‘More Politics’, whether he would want to battle rap or not, how being a true writer has affected his ‘off the dome’ game and more.