Premo gets real and critiques current NY rap scene

A hip-hop God has spoken and he isn’t shy about his opinion on the New York rap scene.

Speaking to Complex for a brief sit-down interview, the legendary producer and one half of Gang Starr (R.I.P. Guru) DJ Premier dropped some wisdom about what he feels is lacking with the NYC hip-hop culture today in what they’ve dubbed a “State of New York Rap” address.

Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, the honest interview is worth watching, as one of hip-hop’s oldest artists in the game today sheds some light on issues running rampant in a city which claims is the home of real hip-hop.

Stating that the standard of excellence would still be astronomically high if 2Pac or Biggie were still alive and rapping, reminding listeners that adults buy music too and don’t necessarily want to hear “kiddie” raps, the importance of rappers making music for their audience and not trying to branch over to other audiences and NY radio not devoting any real time to the era that helped make rap a global success, are some of the topics the 30+ year hip-hop veteran speaks on.

He also mentions he has a new album and documentary coming out called “Last Session at 320” documenting his legendary studio’s closing and artists’ last visits to the old stomping grounds (artists included in the doumentary are Nas and Jay-Z among others).

The full interview can be viewed below.