Freddie Gibbs ft. Action Bronson, Ransom and Joey Bada$$ – Knicks (Remix) [Tune For Today]

Gibbs comes back with some of NY’s finest to remix ‘Knicks’ from his collaborative project with Madlib, Pinata.

As expected, everyone comes through and does their thing since all are very capable MCs in their own right. Following the dark, soulful tones of the original the rappers each relay a tale about hustling.

A tune so laid back you can’t help but vibe out to it, enjoy this Tune For Today with parting words from the rapper who closes things out:

The happiest days of my life been taken from me,

Now I’m just a slave to the mix, wait hold up…I don’t think this chain fit me right.

Got a couple loose screws so I write, right brain trippy like…

                                                                                              — Joey Bada$$