Talib Kweli was partly responsible for Dave Chappelle on SNL

The legendary Talib Kweli is certainly one of the more appreciated MCs in the rap game, but he’s finding other ways to give back to hip-hop.

This past November, Dave Chappelle made a rare appearance when he took on the task of hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live. His musical guests that night were none other than A Tribe Called Quest. What does this have to do with Kweli?

Turns out it was Talib who made this episode of SNL possible, and it started with Q-Tip inviting the rapper to work on, and listen to, Tribe’s latest album “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.

“I was around for about a week or so in Tip’s home studio and you know, I’m good friends with Dave Chappelle so like he was actually in New York doing a comedy routine, and I called him and I was like ‘yo, you gotta come through to Q-Tip’s house and hear this Tribe Called Quest Album,’” said Kweli in an interview with Acton Entertainment.

The invite would turn into a meet-up of hip-hop greatness.

“He came through and then he called Chris Rock, and Chris Rock came through and then the RZA came through, and then Consequence came through, and it was like; we was all in there listening to the album and then like Dave was talking about how Lorne Michaels [creator and producer of SNL] kept wanting him to do Saturday Night Live and Chris Rock was like ‘yo, you should do it with Tribe Called Quest’ and Dave called Lorne Michaels,” Talib said.

The Brooklyn native would actually accompany Chappelle to Michaels’ house as he was working out the details for the hosting gig.

So we have Talib Kweli to thank for that memorable SNL episode. RadioMan thanks you, Kweli.

In the full Acton Entertainment interview Kweli discusses a myriad of topics including his upcoming joint album and tour with Styles P, his interactions with former president Barack Obama, if he thinks his good chum Mos Def/Yasiin Bey is really going to retire and more. It can be viewed in its entirety below.