Prodigy drops some knowledge on the Illuminati

The Illuminati has been associated with hip-hop (and entertainment as a whole actually) for quite some time now. Nowadays, if a rapper/singer makes it to the upper echelon of success, their feats are usually discredited by “fans” who immediately suggest their rise to stardom has to do with that person’s affiliation with the mysterious secret society. Who started this conversation within the hip-hop world though? Some believe it was none other than Prodigy.

Sitting down with Genius (the popular lyrics website), one half of Mobb Deep talks about how he started planting the seeds for fans to become aware of the Illuminati over twenty years ago (on LL Cool J’s I Shot Ya (Remix)” the NY rapper says the “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body,” a line that would be sampled a year later by Jay-Z and DJ Premier on D’evils) and why he did so by design. He knew if he dropped the whole truth on fans it would go by the wayside, so over the years the H.N.I.C. would drop tidbits of wisdom throughout his (massive) discography.

He’s now ready to speak on the topic in much more detail, as he’s made a new (fascinating) album entitled The Hegelian Dialectic where he delves deeper into the secret society and shares some wisdom and personal philosophies on life as a whole.

Prodigy details how he started learning about the Illuminati at a young age due to schools not teaching him about his roots, the presence of God, the history and origins of the Illuminati and much more throughout the seven minute interview. The full interview can be viewed below and if you want to learn more, Prodigy does a great job spreading knowledge with the album which you can get on iTunes.