Styles P emphasizes importance of health and living within your means

Styles Pinero has definitely cemented himself as one of, if not THE, hardest MC in the rap game and with his many years of experience, the Yonkers rapper has developed the reputation of a hip-hop sage of sorts.

With that rep, the wise Styles P has been slowly dropping gems of wisdom on hip-hop heads for years, and after his recent appearance on Hot97 where he sat down alongside Talib Kweli (whom he just recently formed a group with) to speak with Ebro, it doesn’t look like he plans to stop spreading the good word anytime soon.

With all the ailments plaguing communities, Styles mentioned the one detriment they all shared was misunderstanding the necessity of eating well.

“I think a lot of us in the hood don’t know what we’re putting in our body,” said the LOX member. “We concerned with what we put on our body more than actually what’s going in and you know, what you eat contributes to how you move and how you think.”

Acknowledging the price of healthy foods can be expensive and therefore unobtainable by some in an impoverished environment, SP believes any person can live a healthy lifestyle if they get their priorities in order.

“This is what I try to tell everybody in the hood, like it’s expensive [but] – Jordan’s are expensive, Adidas Boosts are expensive, snapback is forty dollars, shirts, sweats, stance socks are expensive – everything we do is expensive,” said one of the D-Block founders.

“You got to sacrifice, you got to say ‘it ain’t two pairs of sneakers this month it’s one pair; you know I’m gonna leave that Supreme and BAPE hoodie alone this month and go Champion until next month’ and take care of your babies.”

A firm believer in the masses making a movement, the veteran rapper strongly advocates for healthy living as a means of clearing one’s mind. Only then, Styles believes, can those oppressed collectively come to decisions to move forward as a society; otherwise the Powers That Be will continue to rule with an iron fist.

“You know we all gonna have messed up days, we gon’ all do screwed up shit here and there but I think the constant quest for balance is what keeps all of us as a community…we’ll all be able to speak, we’ll be able to make moves together,” said the Ghost.

“Niggas don’t be having health insurance, niggas don’t go to the doctor…you ain’t watching what you eat so it’s kind of like you know, the easiest way to kill somebody is to poison them or miseducate em. When I’m talking…kill by the masses you know do it by the food or do it by the miseducation, so I think we have to educate ourselves and I think we have to eat right; I think those are the two important keys in the movement.”

The full interview can be viewed below (Styles comes in at around the twelve minute mark) and in it he discusses among other things his new group and tour (both) called “The Seven” with Talib Kweli, his thoughts on America’s current political state and whether his juice bars are open to investors.