A PSA about weed advocacy from none other than…WWE’s Godfather

Now here’s a train we can all get aboard.

Professional wrestler, manager of a successful Nevada strip club and WWE Hall of Famer, Charles Wright (better known as World Wrestling Entertainment characters ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Papa Shango’ and ‘Kama Mustafa’) can now add another feather to his illustrious pimp hat: marijuana advocate.

Stopping by B-Real’s Smokebox (one of the greatest premises for an interview show) just in time for 4/20, the man who helped usher attitude into the wrestling world spoke on the positives of the cannabis plant. Don’t let the gimmicks fool you; this is one educated toker.

Coming from an industry where recreational drug use ran rampant, his firsthand experience seeing the ill effects of wrestlers’ drug abuse has led him to speak on behalf of marijuana.

“I was just at the Wrestlemania and it’s sad to see other wrestlers my age look the way that they do man,” said the former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

Wright isn’t looking to single out any one company or organization, but rather is encouraging retired athletes, like himself, to turn to weed for its medicinal benefits in addition to its ability to help ease the damage of popping pills by migrating themselves to something healthier.

“I’m not going after the WWE, I’m not going after the NFL, I’m not going after nobody man but I want to let the people know like myself, retired athletes man that have been taking pain pills and Oxycontin and all the opiates, all that bad shit – that shit’s just bad for you,” said the former ‘Goodfather.’

“Then [there’s] the drinking and the eating bad shit man and I’m just here to say give something else a try man. Try cannabis, try dabbing, try edibles you know, try CBDs maybe it’s the CBDs that’s gonna help you out but there’s such a better way man. I’m not going to sit here and preach about myself but I don’t have any conditions man and it’s because at twenty-eight years old I took up God’s plant.”

The Godfather truly believes in his new position on the plant, and he wasn’t one of those stoner teenagers who got behind marijuana because it was the cool thing to do. As a matter of fact, Wright didn’t start using the plant until well into his adulthood after being persuaded by one of his friends. After his first encounter, he knew this was something that could greatly benefit humanity on a large scale.

“When I was twenty-eight years old I never even smoked a joint in my life believe it or not,” said Wright.

“I was going through a divorce and Big Worm [his friend] said ‘hey big dog you gotta try this stuff’ and I’m like ‘naw man I don’t wanna do it.’ So I tried it, had the best workout of my life, my meal tasted better than it ever did and more importantly…it created ‘The Godfather’ because it gave me a chance to be me and let people see what the real me was and that, you know, weed ain’t bad man it’s made me a nicer person.”

Societies attitude towards marijuana and its usefulness from a medical perspective has started to shift, something that the 2016 WWE Hall of Famer is happy to see. He believes the old stereotypes of marijuana users being lazy and unproductive dying off is a much welcomed change of pace for the culture, and uses himself as an example of weed being a positive force in one’s life – since he has kids to take care of while he regularly uses reefer yet still manages to keep his bills paid.

“Boy my kids could tell you some stories you know but I took care of business man,” he said. “You can still lead a healthy, normal life smoking cannabis and I’m here to preach for it man.”

The full interview can be viewed below and in it he discusses his friendship with B-Real, going through tables every night courtesy of The Dudley Boyz, the realness of pro wrestling, how he plans to further his advocacy for ganja and more.