The late Prodigy talks to Rick Ross about the Illuminati

Let the conspiracy theorists get to work.

Before his unfortunate passing, Prodigy was in the midst of starting a new web series for Mass Appeal entitled Paranoid Activity, which is apropos considering Don P himself was a teacher of sorts when it came to educating hip-hop heads about ominous underground cult-like groups shrouded in mystery, like the Illuminati.

On the show’s premier and so far only episode (not sure if they shot any additional episodes and just held off on releasing them for now), Prodigy was joined by guest Rick Ross to discuss a variety of topics.

Ross, who has been associated with the Illuminati for quite some time now, straight up denies he’s in the group but would join them in a heartbeat if given the chance.

“If I knew the Illuminati was gonna pull up to my fucking house and zap me and you walk out to a hundred million? Sign me up; I’m all with it,” said Ross.

Not stopping there, the Miami rapper took it as a compliment when rumours about a potential Illuminati connection to his career success started circulating.

“I was so proud the first time I heard a nigga told me I was Illuminati,” said the Bawse. “I swear to fucking God I wanted to drink champagne and roll up some weed – I finally made it bitch.”

In addition to the secret society, the two rappers discuss Ross’ Birdman diss ‘Idols Become Rivals’ and DJ Khaled not being okay with it, why he started investing in Wingstop and the inspiration for his MMG logo among other things. The five minute video can be viewed below.

Considering Prodigy passed away just one month (roughly) after this video was uploaded, I’m sure there are some out there who will find this to be more than just a coincidence. I mean, P himself said the “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.” Did they? We may never know. What we do know however, is P was one of the greatest artists ever and he will forever be missed.

With projects gifted to us like the Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation), his memory and his wisdom alike will live on eternally.