Styles P says kids are being introduced to sexuality far too soon

"I think we all grew up on hip-hop that was full of knowledge, full of self pride, full of building us up. Now it's like if you ain't poppin and you ain't the hottest perc'n, lean'n, making it rain it ain't hip but I'm telling you - survival is hip - don't be a fool and don't sleep, survive, - Styles P

Kids these days…are they growing up too fast? Or is the world forcing them to grow up before their time? Styles P believes it’s the latter.

Sitting down with the Breakfast club (along with his wife Adjua Styles), the veteran MC spoke about the unfortunate and untimely passing of his daughter (she was only twenty years old) and how her bi-sexuality could have been a trigger for her committing suicide (like any relationship, hers was going through a rough patch). While he believes there’s no problem with a person choosing a non-traditional sexual lifestyle, he doesn’t think it’s okay that sex and alternative lifestyles are presented to children seemingly all the time at such an early age.

“If you gay that’s your choice – I’ve got no problems with no homosexuals or whatever – but I think the culture is pushed on the children a lot, before they’re ready to see it, before a mind could grasp it,” said S.P.

“You go on the net it’s just all sex, all the time. These kids, before [their] mind can really grasp what [they’re] doing, they have a platter of everything. Before they can even really grow [into their own] their whole body is not even developed and their mind’s taking in too much.”

The influx of sexual content that’s accessible by kids can potentially be attributed to the rapid rise of technology, a contrast to his own upbringing where kids weren’t privy to adulthood until they were mature (physically and mentally) enough to grasp the concepts of something as complicated as human sexuality.

“When we came up, we came up a little slower – wasn’t as much technology – so it kind of was gradual,” said The LOX member. “Some people were fast and some people didn’t have sex until they was in high school, late high school, [for] some college but now all these kids it’s in they face all the time. Male sex, female sex, transgender sex, animal sex, it’s just all sex all the time.”

With that being said, in the full (eye-opening) interview which can be viewed below, an understandably emotional Styles and Adjua speak in depth about their daughter’s passing and other factors that could have played a part in her taking her life. They also discuss a bevy of topics including the importance of health and diet for those in the hood, white people needing to take responsibility for the tumultuous landscape of the current United States and mental health being affected by the food we eat among other things.