Talib Kweli explains why he’s so active on Twitter

Any hip-hop head who even remotely uses social media will surely notice one thing: Talib Kweli is beyond active on Twitter. That’s not a bad thing either.

While some may point at the veteran rapper and say he needs to chill out, others find his exchanges with haters and supporters alike to be a breath of fresh air – since today’s societal climate is full of political correctness (a little too much if you ask me). After all, Kweli made a name for himself by being a rapper who wasn’t afraid to flex his intellect regardless of how harsh the truth was. And he’s not changing that mindset now.

Stopping by the Breakfast Club last month, the hip-hop wise-man (he’s been in the rap game for over twenty years) was asked why he engages with people so often on Twitter and his answer was simple and very Kweli-esque: to continue to drop knowledge on the masses.

“I use it to draw traffic to what I’m doing and to spread information,” said Kweli. “I got over a million people following me so when I go back and forth with a racist or a bigot it’s not for his sake, it’s for the sake of everybody reading it. Because if you notice I always post links to information, I always post links to articles.”

The Brooklyn MC recognizes that some of the accounts he’s interacting with are internet trolls spouting nonsense or people who have a skewed, false perception of the world. However, he believes that by engaging with them he’s performing a greater good for all of mankind – because if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

“A lie only gains traction – bigotry and racism only get stronger when you ignore it. No problem in history has been solved by ignoring it,” he said in response to why he bothers responding to people who are clearly looking to offend others. “I’m not on [Twitter] to convince somebody to change they mind, I look at it like they a canvas and I paint my truth on it. I use them as a platform to speak to my people.”

If anyone is worried Talib is taking things personally they can rest assured he is not. He enjoys this part of his life and takes pride in it.

“A lot of people are concerned when they read my timeline because they think that I’m stressed or I’m mad and it’s like nah man…I really enjoy it, I enjoy the discourse, I enjoy exposing racists and I really do it with a smile on my face.”

The full interview can be viewed below and throughout it he discusses being physically confronted by his Twitter haters, his career not depending on radio play for his success, the creation of his latest project Radio Silence, racism still existing today and much more.