Faizon Love lays down a reality check

Faizon Love has been in the entertainment industry longer than most of today’s current ‘stars’ have been alive. That’s why he’s on a crusade of sorts and shooting from the hip on the climate of today’s culture.

Recently stopping by to catch up with Sway, the 49-year-old comedian/actor (hilariously) shared his opinion on pay inequality within show business; and his stance on the topic may upset some but you can’t deny he makes a valid point.

“There is no such thing as equal,” said Love. “Either I’m smarter than you, faster than you, dumber than you, taller than you. We are not equal – we’re just two human beings.”

“Ain’t no fucking equal pay, you know how long I been in this fucking business? You think I get as much as Vince Vaughn when I do a movie with Vince? [It’s not like] ‘hey well here we go, I get $7 million, you get $7 million, everyone gets $7 million’ if that was the case, why compete?”

The Cuban born entertainer believes the broader issue is how soft society has become, in particular the media adopting too much political correctness. Due to this adaptation, the material is becoming less fun since nobody is able to properly criticize works they aren’t particularly fond of.

“Now everybody’s judging you, you can’t say real shit,” he said. “This shit is art and I hate motherfuckers [who] be trying to place this [label of] ‘you can’t say you don’t like this guy’. It’s all art, I can say I don’t like a Picasso [piece] right?”

As a cure for these woes, the San Diego native thinks artists should take a page out of yesteryear’s book and put their focus back on their craft rather than their account balances.

“Back then when everybody was alive and everybody was broke, it wasn’t really about the money – it’s about the hustle,” said the Friday star. “All those hours [we] put in, it was about the hustle, the love of it you know what I’m saying? We wasn’t looking at Forbes magazine and all that.”

In the end, it isn’t a comedian’s job to keep everyone happy according to Faizon. He says the duty of comedians is to relay their observations.

“That’s what a comic is – we not here to be your friend. We here to tell you what we see.”

The full interview can be viewed below and during the ~38 minutes the comedy legend gives his off the cuff take on Dave Chappelle not being worth his money, how he would handle those accused of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, why he wants to fight Judd Apatow, getting into altercations with fans and more.