Willie The Kid stars in ‘The Fly’ short film

Willie The Kid has been consistently dropping stellar projects since his name entered the hip-hop realm.  With that sort of body of work, he decided to broaden his horizons and try his hand at acting.  The film’s release had been delayed for a few years but he finally decided 2018 was the time to share it with the world.  If you’ve got 48 minutes to spare, this short film entitled The Fly, might be worth your time.

Written by Willie himself with production by Scott Erickson and direction by Kevin Budzynski, the talented MC tests out his acting chops as he portrays the mysterious character known as The Fly who’s a rapper by night, simpleton bartender by day.  The Fly has taken his small town by storm through viral videos/audio and they’re clamouring for his identity to be revealed.

The film follows most of the themes you’d find in his music (love, street life, aspirations for a budding rapper, etc.) and he also dropped a corresponding 4 track EP called Watch The Fly.  The music from that project (and his other projects) can be heard throughout the film.

Suffice to say, you can’t really expect an Oscar-worthy performance from the Grand Rapids spitter, but it’s a cool short story with enough twists and a strong enough plot to keep your attention vested.  Peep the full video below to check out Willie the Kid’s acting debut for yourself.