Ludacris explains his break from music

"Art is like a tree. We got all these limbs and branches, so I'm just completing my tree where music is just the base of it." - Ludacris on exploring opportunities outside of rap

For twenty years Ludacris has cemented himself as one of hip-hop’s all time greats, having released nine albums and racking up various awards for his musical talent along the way. With a catalogue like that, it’s understandable why the man born Chris Bridges would pursue other endeavours in film and television.

Having pursued those endeavours, and generating substantial success in the process, he could easily hang his hat on his Hollywood resume and call it a career – but he won’t. Turns out, the OG MC from the ATL has a passion for music and was merely taking a break to refresh his artistic spark.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club, Luda spoke to the radio trio about his absence in the rap world. He believes taking a break from music when you’ve achieved everything you wanted to is necessary in order to progress as an artist.

“I think that sometimes, every artist goes through that stage where…you gotta take a step back and you gotta be a fan for a second and just watch and remember what made you fall in love with things in the first place,” said Ludacris. “That’s kinda like [the] stage that I was in.”

The DTP boss goes on to mention he has a true affinity for music and doesn’t care much for the revenue it generates but rather the quality his work displays.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the passion of it,” he said. “Sometimes you just really gotta dig deep because you don’t wanna go back and do anything similar to what you’ve done before [and] have people saying that they want the old Luda or they want this and that. I’m still the same person but I’ve evolved and grown so much that I wanna come out with an album that is true to everything that’s going on in my life right now, but still make it great for those individuals who want that old Luda.”

Having recently spent some time with Nipsey Hussle, Luda found inspiration in the west coast rapper. Hussle, who was prepping the release of his debut album Victory Lap, reminded Ludacris of himself when he was a young rapper. He says the vibe from the encounter left a positive impression on him.

“Sometimes it’s good to be around that energy of new artists that are coming out with their first album because you kinda get to interact with ‘em and you really remind yourself of when you were coming out with your first album and everything that was going on and that hunger and all of that stuff.”

At 40 years old, Ludacris wants fans to know he hasn’t stepped out of the game and won’t be anytime soon. He was simply re-energizing himself after years of hard work and basking in his accomplishments.

“I feel like sometimes after nine albums, after doing so much music, every artist has a time where they kinda need to take a step back to get inspired again. I feel like I was just at this moment, probably for the last couple years, where I was really enjoying all of the success for working so hard for so many years. I feel like the best music is yet to come and that may sound like a politically correct statement or something that you supposed to say, but I honestly do believe that. I’m starting to get inspired again.”

The full interview can be viewed below (runs about 30 minutes long) and throughout it he talks about the Tyrese/Fast & Furious movie drama, being an adrenaline junkie, punking Jeff Ross for roasting Paul Walker, not being allowed to do Fear Factor stunts and more.