Levitation – Tech N9ne ft. Nave Monjo

Whatever you do, do it everyday. And do something different; if it’s true it barely pay.

Wise words from the OG Tech N9ne. He should know too, considering many would argue he helped pave the way for independent rappers to make a comfortable living without the aid of a major label.

With that in mind, the motivational track reiterates the sentiment hard work and dedication can and will pay off. He’s lived it and decided to put that message into a short film to drill the point home.

Depicting a boxer who appears to be living humbly in an environment that forces him to, the motivational track serves as a backdrop while we see the fighter train for a major fight; sacrificing and grinding for a chance at a better life.

A feel good story all around, the music vid/short film overseen by Morgan Cooper and Michael Summers (aka Seven) can be viewed below.