GreyLife can be tough. Music helps. A lot.

The purpose of this blog is to get dope music, and everything hip-hop, to people who want it or need it without any clout in between.

Music has the profound power to make or break a day. One’s day can be tumultuous as it is, which is why RadioMan aims to bring you content in a clear, concise manner without any hearsay or social media clutter. In other words it’s all hip-hop, no gossip.


Straight Goods – This page is devoted to shedding light on quality hip-hop projects worth listening to. Written in a review/critique format because…what’s the point of reviewing a project that isn’t worth listening to?

Tune For Today – One song a day, this page is a collection of random tracks; past or present, mainstream, underground or under the radar. Good music doesn’t drop everyday because contrary to popular opinion, something being new doesn’t mean it’s good. With Tune For Today, you’re guaranteed to:

1) find something good to listen to 2) revisit a track you used to jam to, or 3) stumble upon a new and interesting song or artist

Freestyles – A collection of random freestyles from various artists from the past and present. What’s hip-hop without some fire breathing?