GreyHip-Hop is dope.

I could easily stop there but that’s not what Hip-Hop is about. It’s about expanding your intellect and thoughts through the spreading of knowledge, wisdom, positivity and enlightenment. That’s what RadioMan is about. Hip-Hop is a culture for everyone and the purpose of this music blog is to share pure Hip-Hop with those who seek it. The beautiful thing about Hip-Hop is that it knows no boundaries and never wanted any. To each their own and hopefully, to the Hip-Hop heads out there, this blog will serve as a safe haven of sorts – away from the mindless banter that plagues society today. No social media speculation here; the content on this site is sourced to the individuals’ word.

Get knowledge from the News, covering a bevy of topics that can help your perspective in life take its course. Find wisdom in the form of Documentaries about the various creative aspects of Hip-Hop. Get your dose of positivity through assorted Freestyles from various time periods showcasing rap in its rawest and most potent form, and stay enlightened reading through Project Reviews for projects worth paying keen attention and listening to because real talk…what’s the point of reviewing bad projects?

Straight up life can be tough and music helps. A lot.

The purpose of this blog is to get dope music, and everything hip-hop, to people who want it or need it without any clout in between. RadioMan aims to bring you content in a clear, concise manner without any hearsay or social media clutter. In other words…RadioMan is all hip-hop, no gossip.