Ghostface reveals Wu origin, lessons learned from martial arts films, and more in 88Rising interview

Fans of the Wu-Tang Clan have Ghostface to thank for the name of the iconic group and brand.

While all members of the Wu obviously had vital roles to play in the group’s universal success, it was an old martial arts film the GFK had access to that gave RZA the idea for the name of what would become one of pop culture’s most infamous crews.

“There was one movie called ‘Shaolin vs. Wu Tang’ that I had, me and one of my other friends that’s not in Wu-Tang, and I played it for RZA and he just fell in love with it,” said Ghostface. “And from there he wanted to start a rap group called Wu Tang, so I presented him with the name and he just incorporated it.”

The influence of martial arts flicks from yesteryear doesn’t stop there. The rapper, also known as ‘Pretty Toney,’ says the Clan and himself applied what they learned from the films to their careers.

The themes revolving around old martial arts films usually involved discipline and peace, the latter of which the Ghostface Killah believed could benefit his life.

“They all always have a message, to me, when I watch the flicks,” said Ghostface. “Monks [that are in the films] is peace and that’s all you really want. Sometimes you just apply it to yourself and it becomes a part of you.”

Ghost also talks about his experiences in the Orient, his favourite Asian cuisine and more in the full interview (conducted by 88Rising) which can be viewed below: