Tony Yayo drops some wisdom about the reality of rap beef

G-Unit may not be making many headlines in North America at the moment, but that’s because they’re too busy on the other side of the world.

After recently touring the middle east, Tony Yayo (along with the Unit’s legendary DJ Whoo Kid) stopped by for an interview with UK radio host and hip-hop head Tim Westwood, and wound up sharing some life lessons about the harsh realities of hip-hop beef.

One such lesson involved the media, and the role it plays when it comes to garnering an audience.

“When you see these rap beefs and you see a lot of media amping this shit up, it’s kind of fucked up to me because when it gets real, and like somebody dies or somebody gets shot, everybody like yo ‘this is hip-hop it’s not supposed to be like this’,” said Yayo. “Sometimes the media amp a lot of these beefs up and it really gets real and shit hits the fan.”

No stranger to beef himself, the original G-Unit soldier had a serious issue with former rap businessman Jimmy Henchman, which blew up through the media and ultimately led to unfortunate repercussions.

“My man, rest in peace to my friend Lodi Mack, he got killed behind the smacking of Jimmy Henchman son,” said one fifth of the G-Unit collective. “Off the record I had money on my head, everything is documented, I just don’t talk about it because it’s real street shit. My mom’s crib got shot up with a silencer 22 times.”

Mack was killed by a hit-man who was his friend, and even shared a jail cell with the assailant according to Yayo, an example of what people will do for money.

The veteran rapper has learned from his past mishaps however, and nowadays he’s just hoping the current generation understands the pitfalls that come with rap feuds.

“It’s a lot of lawyer fees, people getting killed; it’s really not worth it you know what I mean, so I just try to chill and lay back and be humble,” said Yayo. “When the media and everybody is doing interviews and the back and forth on IG, like shit gets real man.”

“[For] a lot of artists, it’s not the artist it’s the entourage. Motherfuckers got killers, every mother fucker got somebody in they’re entourage that’s bout that life.”

This is only a sample of the discussion the wise rapper and his DJ had with the seasoned Westwood.

In the full interview, which can be seen below, he discusses his current thoughts on former G-Unit member Game, why he’s loyal to 50 Cent regardless of circumstances, his graciousness towards life and more.