Vince Staples delivers with Funk Flex freestyle

Vince Staples is known for his entertainment value, in particular his unique and succinct sense of humour.

However, when he dropped in on Funk Flex’s freestyle series (he’s #19 if you’re keeping track) he spit some real truth with no comedic relief.

He calls out the rap game and hip-hop world for being disconnected yet still trying to fight together, and points out the flaws he sees with movements such as Black Lives Matter.

“The world keep turnin, and my blacks keep burnin at the stake, but we still talkin bout gettin paid.

Talkin bout fuckin hoes, talkin bout what you bang.
Talkin bout Crips and Bloods, talkin bout where you from, talkin bout what you did like somebody give a shit.

Do some shit for your home, do some shit for the kids instead of talkin bout yourself, lil nigga you’s a bitch.”

Real shit.