Big K.R.I.T. sheds light—and weight

Earlier this year Big K.R.I.T.’s contract with Def Jam ended, but that wasn’t the only weight shed for the hip-hop staple.

The Mississippi rapper spoke to Sway in the fall and talked about his weight loss and restoring his health.

“I was 29 and I’m getting out of bed and my back is hurting; I eat then I want to go straight to sleep you know, so I was like ‘nah we got to change this up’ so I started eating different,” said K.R.I.T. “It was one of those things where I started eating different—veggie everything, really staying away from beef and pork and even chicken, it was all fish and veggie wraps for three months.”

The diet led to noticeable, physical, results but it was the residual benefits the King Remembered In Time took heed to.

“I just saw the weight shed but then I just started to feel better,” said Young Krizzle.

Simply eating better wasn’t the only factor to his new found health. The southern rap star had to cut down on his liquor intake, a substance he says he was over-consuming while on tour, as he was drinking roughly one bottle of Hennessy a day.

While his alcohol use wasn’t what he considered an addiction or problem, he does admit he had to be real with himself before fully comprehending what he was doing to his body, and it wasn’t easy at first.

“The hangover aspect I think is what helps you understand whether you really have a problem or you dependent because most people get a hangover and then they don’t drink,” said the 2011 XXL Freshman.

“But then when you start doing this thing where ‘man let me get a sip just to shave off the edge’ you’re keeping the process going because, yeah there is something going on and the realization of that and me being honest with myself and then just trying to go cold turkey, which is difficult too.”

For K.R.I.T. what brought upon the change was simply reflecting on his own life.

“I’m getting older, I’m finna be 30, and do I really want to spend my 30s like I did my 20s?” he said. “And then what could happen if I keep going and the regrets of ‘man I could have stopped; there was a moment where I could have started eating different and now it’s too late’ so I’m not interested in [going through] that.”

In the full interview, K.R.I.T. imparts some wisdom and talks about his powerful performance at this year’s BET Awards, being a free agent and what he’s learned from his Def Jam run, answers some fan questions and more. It can be viewed in its entirety below.