Ab-Soul emphasizes need for hip-hop education

The always interesting Ab-Soul stopped by to chop it up with The Breakfast Club last month to promote his latest album, Do What Thou Wilt (DWTW).

During the interview, Soulo revealed his biggest annoyance with the current rap scene is this generation’s apparent lack of knowledge regarding hip-hop history.

“That’s my biggest issue because you know, hip-hop is intelligent movement; I gotta enforce that,” said the TDE artist.

“To be ‘hip’ is to be intelligent and the ‘hop’ is the movement you know what I mean? I feel like you know, shout out to KRS-One, I feel like a large part of my intellect, my vocabulary in general, comes from hip-hop from listening to Nas, from listening to Jay-Z, Eminem.”

The Los Angeles rapper is ready and willing to lead by example when it comes to this sentiment, as he feels it’s his duty as a rapper to keep the hip-hop culture alive and in plain vision.

“Me being a hip-hop artist I got to make sure I keep that intelligent movement going; I think that’s a large part of what Hiiipower is about,” said one quarter of the Black Hippy collective.

“I think the kids need to know this history and I think it’s important to know your roots or whatever, you know, the roots of music. I mean even in my album now; a lot of concepts are rock ’n’ roll. I tried to dig deep into the origin of music and the influences of music as well.”

As you’d expect, his fourth album is more of the same from the talented MC, delving deep into the theological and philosophical realms. Ultimately, as he states, the purpose of the album is “just to get people’s both sides of [their] brain working.”

“That’s what hip-hop did for me so I want to keep that going, gotta keep that going.”

An intellect in his own right, the full (interesting) interview can be viewed below. In it he discusses a variety of topics including being legally blind in his left eye, why he believes God is a woman, his thoughts on modern rappers having a more effeminate taste in fashion today and a potential Black Hippy album, among other things.