A$AP Rocky is hoping to bring hip-hop back to MTV

A$AP Rocky is a man of many trades: rapper, model and fashion designer to name a few. However, it’s his next business foray that might help revitalize hip-hop.

Recently interviewed by Snoop Dogg for his GGN “news” show, Rocky revealed his new position as creative director for MTV Labs (a show the network partnered with him to create) and he wants to see the channel return to its music roots.

“My whole purpose is just to facilitate, you know, I actually want to get back to music television, it’s called music television you know what I’m saying, not reality television” said A$AP Rocky.

Having nothing against reality television or those who enjoy it, Rocky believes it’s simply time for change with regards to the content MTV broadcasts.

“Don’t get me wrong you got your shows out there, those reality shows, that I’m quite sure a lot of people are in love with…but now that the game is just over-saturated with that it’s like, I think it’s time to kind of shift back to what the initial thing was and that’s music,” he said.

The Harlemite hopes his creative vision will do for the new generation what the MTV of years past did for him and introduce them to something new.

“It’s about different genres you know what I mean, if it wasn’t for MTV we probably wouldn’t have known who a lot of artists were,” said the A$AP Mob member. “We also want to work with new and up and coming artists and stuff, just to kind of get that thing flowing again.”

The full (hilarious) interview/conversation can be seen below. Throughout the session, Rocky and Snoop discuss fashion, the Odd Future/A$AP Mob beef, the importance of a girlfriend in your life and more.