The LOX discuss if they still love the rap game with the Drink Champs

The LOX recently stopped by to chop it up, and burn it down, with NORE and DJ EFN on their Drink Champs podcast (one of the greatest forms of entertainment today by the way).

The legendary trio has been in the rap game for over twenty years, regularly working together as a collective unit. However, each of them had a different answer for NORE when he asked them if they still had a thorough affinity for the game or if they were simply using it to make a living.

“It’s a hustle,” said Jadakiss. “I use it as a business. I love it more when I hear some shit that make me want to go to the studio but other than that, I just use it to you know, make some money, stack some.”

Jada’s view on things might come as a surprise to some, but he uses rap as a bridge to a better life for a reason.

“I felt like rap saved my life, I could have been dead or in jail,” said the Yonkers MC.

“Shit could have went a whole different way but you know, this was that niche – I mean you slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot – that was real when B.I. said that. So when brothers find another lane or you know another niche to create some revenue for they family and stay out of the big house, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Al Qaeda Jada’s frequent partner in rhyme Styles P shares a different sentiment with regards to the rap game. He prefers the technical and creative aspect rather than the political aspect so many rappers get caught up in.

“I love the rhyming factor of it, like I love MCs, I love rhyming, I love to hear good rhymes, I love the hip-hop culture,” said Styles. “As far as the game-wise I’m not really for that one you know what I mean?”

The muscle of the group, Sheek Louch, still looks at rap through a traditional lens though, and finds the connection he has with fans remarkable.

“I love the game, I love the response I get when we hit the stage and these people go crazy,” said Donnie G. “That kind of energy you can’t pay for man with no other kind of business you know what I mean? These motherfuckers know your lyrics, not even the single – the other songs they know and they singing it word for word and telling you how you got them through jail and I love that shit.”

The differing opinions from the three hip-hop legends is fitting because they’re very different MCs individually, each carving out their own niche as solo artists over the years. One constant that remained among them however is their creativity, something Styles P believes (and the other two agree with) stemmed from their upbringing.

“From being poor,” said the Ghost. “I think from being poor you know what I mean? I think when you, not even poor just not very fortunate and well off, I think you just learn to use your imagination and have fun anyway. I feel that’s where it come from, learn to work with what you got.”

Throughout the hour and a half interview NORE repeatedly mentions this was not an interview but a conversation and celebration of one of hip-hop’s music’s greatest groups. He certainly was right.

Albeit a somewhat long video to watch, time will fly by. Featuring guest appearances by Cormega, Statik Selektah and Termanology (who takes some heavy shots of Tiger Bone) this is definitely worth watching just for the hilarity itself.

In the midst of all the entertainment, The infamous L-O-X discuss their new deal with Roc Nation, why they turned down offers from Cash Money and MMG, why they prefer major label deals to independent deals, the value of wives and much more. The full interview can be seen below.