Gucci Mane continues to inspire; details his recovery from drug use

When Gucci Mane was released from prison last year, there was a rumour making the rounds that he had been cloned and that’s why the ATL rapper looked significantly healthier. After his appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable last month, you can see why people might think Guwop isn’t human.

Sitting down for an interview with hosts Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones, Gucci revealed his new found health was much more than a lifestyle choice; it was either get fit or die.

“I drunk lean everyday, smoked blunts everyday I guess for maybe six or seven years straight,” said the rapper. “That was my daily thing, it was my normal routine so I can’t say how much it was, just non-stop I guess. Smoking and drinking until I fell asleep from when I wake up – that was my life.”

With a diet like that it’s understandable why he feels “…even to be here today, I’m blessed.”

Getting healthy was no easy process for the Atlanta MC, as the withdrawal process from lean left him in agony.

“Drying out from lean [is] probably the worst feeling in the world – you know it tears your body down, it tears your mind down…it’s just terrible, terrible pain,” he said. “Yup, [I was] physically sick man, you know I was bloated and overweight; I was almost two hundred and ninety pounds.”

Gucci reveals he never envisioned himself not doing drugs, so couldn’t fathom ever living a healthy lifestyle. However, even with that thought in his mind, his time in prison would force him away from substances and lead him to James Allen’s book, As A Man Thinketh, (a book that focuses on helping the individual control and harness their own thoughts) which would provide him with some much needed lucidity.

“When I got in there I just started working out, drinking water, reading and planning and plotting on what I was gon’ do when I got out and it just kept me hopeful,” said Guwop. “I was like one thing that I need to do is I need to be totally sober, I need to have complete clarity, I need to be razor sharp focused on everything I do everyday from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.”

Hip-hop heads around the world congratulate Gucci on his sobriety and he himself is proud of his decision, realizing the positive impact it’s made on his life.

“It makes me a better person, makes me a better artist you know what I’m saying, it just makes me all the way stronger.”

The full eight minute interview can be seen below. In it he discusses the paranoia he dealt with during his early career, divulges more details about his drug use and talks about his infamous Bart Simpson chain.