Talib Kweli believes black celebrities supporting Donald Trump are misinformed

For the better part of twenty years, Talib Kweli has been a mainstay in the hip-hop world, acting as a voice for the voiceless of sorts. With his eye-opening and thought-provoking lyrics, his opinion on social matters has become valued within some circles (rightfully so, the dude is intelligent).

Now he’s weighed in on prominent African-Americans Steve Harvey, Chrisette Michele and his old chum Kanye West getting close with President Trump, who has notoriously launched a political campaign many feel is based on bigotry.

Stopping by Hot97 to chop it up with Ebro earlier this month, Kweli shared his thoughts on the matter, indicating that celebs in the spotlight aren’t usually privy to the world around them due to their hectic lifestyles.

“With celebrities we can sometimes be in a bubble and not get the information that’s on the ground,” said Talib. “These are smart people, these are people who care about the community, they come from these communities but if you were a famous person for a long time like these people…you be in that celebrity bubble. You not hearing him saying Mexcians is rapists, you not hearing him say black people are lazy.”

While the Brooklyn MC doesn’t condone the actions of the aforementioned celebrities, he understands why they could make this sort of mistake due to his own celebrity status.

“I’m not excusing that because they grown ass people, they should have the information, but me being someone who runs in the circle sometimes I could see how you could be in the bubble and isolated,” said Kweli.

“I’ve spoken out publicly about all these people, but at the same time I speak from a place of love and I speak from a place of understanding; I don’t speak from a place of hate because I have understanding for how people in those positions get isolated. For you to be an artist to that level of success often you’re very disconnected from what’s going on at the ground level.”

The Javotti Media founder further enforces his argument by pointing out the actions of the entertainers after their affiliation with Trump went public.

“When I listened to Steve Harvey’s interview it gave me insight to what Kanye was probably thinking, because he did an interview and he seemed very confused, like a deer in the headlights; he really didn’t understand the problem,” said one half of Blackstar.

“When I read Chrisette Michele’s thing where she wrote ‘I think people just mad at his hair,’ well you must not be paying attention like you not really connecting with what the people are saying.”

The full interview can be seen below and in it he talks about his upcoming album and tour with Styles P entitled “The Seven” (Styles P actually joins the interview around the twelve minute mark), how the project came to fruition and the lack of touring in hip-hop today among other things.