For Joey Bada$$ with great power, comes great responsibility

For Joey Bada$$, creating ‘Waves’ in the rap game isn’t a surprise anymore. The New York rapper has constantly been putting out gem after gem, with his tracks tackling an array of topics, from personal anecdotes, to religion, to politics and everything in between. With his latest project, “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADASS,” he brings more of the same to the table however this time, he’s looking to detach himself from the music and instead focus his creative energy on the world around him, using his rhymes as an advocate for societal change.

Speaking with Power 106 just in time to push his new project, the Brooklyn rhymer went into detail on the creative process of this album, relaying that he was looking at the world through the eyes of the average person living in modern society, trying to see what can be done to rid the world of today’s ill wills.

“I’m saying like I’m aware with this album, this is me speaking from a standpoint where I started to feel responsible not for what’s happening but for how we could change it,” said the Pro Era leader.

“I’m speaking from that standpoint where it’s like everything that’s been happening, everything we been seeing in the news that’s been affecting us as a collective conscience, this is like you know me as an artist knowing that I have this power, I have this voice and then when these things happen I almost feel like helpless or responsible.”

His celebrity status is not forgotten, as the twenty-two year old is well aware he has a prominent voice within the hip-hop community and is able to influence change on a larger scale. With that influence comes the pressure of using it correctly, and that’s something the ‘Mr. Robot’ actor keeps in mind.

“This new music, this new body of work like, this is not about me at all; it’s about us, it’s about the all you know what I’m saying? I barely talked about myself in this; I talk about us and where we at and what’s happening” said Joey. “It comes with having great power, and then with great power comes with great responsibility.”

Advocating for a restructuring of sorts for outdated social constructs might be a job better suited for older hip-hop figures who have some years under their belt, but the young MC believes there’s a change in the landscape of thinking within today’s hip-hop culture and it starts and ends with the newer generation of rappers regularly questioning the status quo.

“This new generation is – we’re more open minded with shit,” said the man born Jo-Vaughn Scott. “No offence to the older heads and shit but it’s like, we just ask so many more questions you know what I mean? We don’t just go based off of solely what we’re told anymore.”

That frame of mind, paired with his self described workaholic attitude, makes it understandable why Joey Bada$$ has amassed a great amount of success over the past five years…and the ensuing future.

In the full interview, which can be viewed below, Joey talks about his relationship with producer Statik Selektah, how he manages all his entertainment responsibilities, securing a rare J. Cole feature for his album (the story is quite interesting) and more.