ScHoolyboy Q hated 50 Cent before gaining inspiration from him

At some point or another, every hip-hop head has to acknowledge the mark 50 Cent left on the rap game when his major label debut album, ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin,’ dropped in 2003; even if you’re like ScHoolboy Q and originally had a distaste for the Jamaica, Queens MC.

Sitting down with Montreality, Groovy Q revealed when the classic album dropped in ‘03, his fandom of another NY rapper kept him from seeing 50’s artistry…for about a month.

“I hated on this album when it first came out – I was hating on 50 – I was like a 50 hater because I was like, so much into Nas, anything that came out of New York that said they was Queens I was trying to put them up against Nas,” said ScHoolboy.

“I went from hating on him for like three weeks to him being like, my favourite artist and this is all I was bumping like from ‘What Up Gangsta’ to ‘P.I.M.P.’ – like everything bruh.”

Once his resentment for Nas’ NYC competition subsided, Groovy Tony was able to let Curtis Jackson’s rhymes resonate with him and in turn, 50 Cent became one of ScHoolboy Q’s favourite artists and someone who helped him find inspiration for his own (stellar) rap career.

“50 became one of my biggest inspirations for rap you know what I’m saying like, if it wasn’t for him no telling what I’d be doing,” said the member of the Black Hippy collective.

“Once I got over that hate stage, which was like a month of [Get Rich Or Die Tryin’] being out and I sat down and listened to it, I related to damn near everything he was talking about… His detail in his music, of gangsta shit and like street music, the detail in it was amazing and 50 to this day is still one of my favourite artists ever.”

His admiration of 50’s rap career is just one of the topics ScHoolboy Q touches upon throughout the thirteen minute interview.

In the full interview (which can be viewed below) the man born Quincy Hanley speaks on why he believes guns should be rid from the U.S., what he considers the definition of love, why his TDE team is so grounded, the positives of psychedelic drugs and much more.