Watch: “Lil B, Believe In Earth: A Very Rare And Based Visual Experience”

Based. That means centred right? Good thing I was ‘enlightened’ while watching Lil B, Believe In Earth: A Very Rare And Based Visual Experience, a stellar documentary by VICE Media’s Noisey.

Admittedly, I never took Lil B seriously when I was younger. I was aware of his antics like cursing Kevin Durant (which he addresses) or being the topic of some of the first memes I saw on the internet (also addresses) but I never really got into his music. I still won’t.

But, this guy is something else. He’s truly unique and his teachings are going to be something of lore one day. I can never be against anyone preaching the power of positivity (shout out to WWE’s The New Day) and this twenty-two minute documentary has piqued my interest in a frame of thought I had somehow overlooked all this time.

What are humans doing to push the human race further?” — Lil B

Host Zach Goldbaum delves into the Based World while Based One himself instructs us on how we can all achieve Based status. Featuring Lil Yachty, Joey Purp and Clams Casino among others singing his praises, and sprinkling tidbits of knowledge throughout, Lil B feeds our minds with this dose of Brain Food so that we too, can achieve a grander purpose as human beings.

I originally thought he was a joke. I was mistaken. He’s just a person like the rest of us trying to do right by the Earth we inhabit. I may be a few years too late but…thank you, Based God.