Ab-Soul on suicide: “When it feels like hell that means it’s heaven around the corner

With the recent and unfortunate passing of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington (R.I.P.), suicide has once again been brought to the forefront in western media. And rightfully so. It’s a tragic issue that many deal with around the globe, and it deserves to be looked at and treated so we can avoid tragedies like Chester’s death from happening.

With that being said, one of hip-hop’s brightest minds was asked about suicide in early June when he sat down with Montreality for an interview. While he may not be talking about Chester B’s particular case, Ab-Soul definitely shares a powerful message to all those who have dealt or are dealing with suicidal thoughts and actions (whether directly or indirectly). He would know something about the matter too, considering the thirty year old rapper lost his girlfriend Alori Joh in 2012 when the young songstress took her own life.

“It’s not supposed to be easy here [on Earth]; how fun would that be?” said Soulo. “You know what I’m saying, how much would you learn that way if everything was just so easy? When it feels like hell that means it’s heaven around the corner. I live by that.”

Pushing the concept of staying with the struggle to see the fruits of our labour, the Black Hippy member goes on to mention that taking one’s life doesn’t just affect the individual but everyone associated with that person.

“I don’t care what you think you gon’ do, you think you gon’ die and leave the Earth or something like that? We still gon’ keep you alive down here man, you got people that love you down here whether you think so or not and we gon’ keep you alive so you might as well do whatever it is you here to do,” said Ab-Soul.

“You’re not here to off yourself—that is a complete waste of birth…you are not here to take yourself out—you’re here to figure out what it is you’re here to do and whether or not you think that’s going to take your problems away or anything like that you’re gonna harm somebody else severely. Whether it be your mother, your best friend, your boyfriend, your future husband…don’t play like that.”

With most suicide cases, drugs are usually associated due to them being able to numb a person’s pain or help them cope with dark thoughts. One thing the Cali MC reminds us of is, even if you’re using drugs recreationally, you don’t need them to sustain; our ancestors taught us and showed us through action that we’re good to go from birth.

“You have to know that you came into this world perfect,” he said. “The men and women that built this world didn’t have access to the drugs that we have, you talking about men and women that had to hunt for their food, this type of thing. They didn’t have substances to assist them; they had nature.”

He continued:

“They didn’t have the gym you understand? So you gotta know that drugs are new, drugs are something that we created after the fact you know what I’m saying? Not to say that they weren’t there all the time but you know, how we manufactured things and how we dispensed things are completely different from the origin. I do feel like those people, those humans were a lot stronger than we are; immunity and all that. I’m talking no shoes, no socks, running and chasing food, hunting for game, hunting for prey…you have to know that we don’t need any of these things to do anything for us.”

Real talk.

In the full interview which can be viewed below, the self proclaimed Black Lip Pastor speaks about his Longterm Mentality mixtape series being four installments, his relationship with the Beast Coast and the Pro Era crew, the Annuaki conspiracy, his favourite Lupe Fiasco verse and much more.