‘Humble’ isn’t just a Kendrick Lamar song…it’s how he lives life

With his star seemingly rising with every passing year, Kendrick Lamar is slowly surpassing the moniker of ‘rapper’ and entering ‘pop star’ territory – and that isn’t a bad thing. It’s a testament to his hard work and success and he’s earned the right to be mentioned in the same breath as other modern day superstar celebrities.

But even with his surging popularity, the west coast MC has managed to set himself apart from other celebrities by being in possession of something most pop stars lack; a level head.

Dropping by to visit Big Boy’s legendary neighbourhood, Kendrick kept it real and reaffirmed that his creative process all starts and ends with his heart and if listeners want to paint him as a voice for the voiceless, then so be it.

“All I can do is continue to be an actual human being and show them [the fans] that I go through the same emotions and the same feelings that y’all go through,” said Lamar. “If they put [the title of] being the leader of this generation [on me] so be it, because all I can do is express myself and hope you take something from it.”

Staying with the topic of ingenuity, Kendrick reveals his rhymes come from personal experiences and he believes his fans appreciate the transparency and tone in which he delivers his lyrics.

“It’s more like, my views rather than throw it on a listener and I think that’s my biggest connection with my audience and why it connects the way it do,” said the TDE rapper.  “It’s not necessarily preachy – it’s just my own ups and downs in trying to figure myself out, as well as going through these times of travelling the world and my own experiences, putting them all into one.”

When asked what the best part about being himself is, the Black Hippy member expressed gratefulness to be able to communicate with his fans regardless of the environment he’s in. Something, he says, a lot of famous people aren’t capable of and for that, he thanks the Almighty.

“Best thing about being Kendrick Lamar; being able to travel, being able to connect with people in a different way,” he said.

“You know, I’ve watched certain people that, you know, have an upper echelon type of celebrity but still missing that way to connect with people like have a conversation. They can’t speak different languages you know, go to the hood and speak this language, be in this office and speak this language and still connect where people could fully understand you. So I look at that as a gift and that’s a personal gift from God for me.”

In the full interview (which can be viewed below) Kendrick speaks on a myriad of topics including why Black Hippy doesn’t run into any problems like other rap groups do, what it takes for him to perform with other artists on stage, the backlash he received for gifting his teenage sister a brand new Toyota (editor’s note: people were really tripping about that? WTF people?), his wackest song, being invited to the white house and much more.