Joey Bada$$ offers advice to those with suicidal thoughts

Suicide is a tough subject to tackle. It isn’t a run-of-the-mill malady that can be easily fixed, and more often than not it’s very difficult to understand where the person with those dark thoughts may be coming from. Hip-hop is a culture where suicide is unfortunately present more than we’d like, and that’s something Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew have had the misfortune of experiencing.

In late 2012, Pro Era member Capital STEEZ committed suicide – he was only nineteen years old. While Joey and his crew would ultimately use that tragedy as a form of motivation to propel them into newfound stardom, he’s still aware of the darkness suicide stems from. Speaking with Montreality, he offered some sage advice to those who may be having a rough time coping with the pressures of life, letting them know the power to make things right starts from within.

“In all honesty the only person who could get you out of that thinking is yourself and that’s a real tough thing to deal with and cope with,” said Joey.

“What I can say to anybody out there feeling [suicidal] is like, just try to talk to the people around you as much as you can and try to expose to them the way that you feel…in hopes that their eyes are open enough to see it and you know, help you through it. But the truth is the only person who could really help you through it is yourself, so everybody gotta find that inner strength.”

The Brooklyn rapper mentions it’s human nature to not take warning signs of suicide seriously because as a friend, you may not want to believe the person has delved so deep into dark thoughts. He would have an idea about this because he too, at one point, was suicidal.

“Shit I been there, I’ve had suicidal thoughts and shit I couldn’t even take myself serious,” he said. “At the end of the day it was really just all on me to get myself out of that position because when you that low, it’s like you don’t even really want nobody to know – when you wanna be gone, you just wanna be gone.”

He was able to overcome those thoughts due to his strong spiritual beliefs, something he says allows us to come to grips with our present and prepare for our future.

“It’s really about connecting to your inner self, staying close to God, knowing that everything in the universe, the place you at right now, is where you supposed to be,” he said. “Everything happens for a reason – the good and bad – and you just gotta accept it and most importantly where you are now is just a reflection of your past thoughts, your past thinking. So if you wanna change your future, you gotta change your thoughts now and then put them into action ultimately.”

The full interview can be viewed below where he discusses the law of attraction, his favourite anime, whether he’s a threat to the U.S. government and more.