A glimpse into the making of Smoke DZA & Pete Rock’s ‘Don’t Smoke Rock’

Roughly a year ago Smoke DZA and Pete Rock dropped a modern day classic. Don’t Smoke Rock is a perfect project in my estimation; there are no skippable tracks and with every listen, the lyrics and beats become more astounding.  Why shouldn’t it? DZA is a bonafide MC these days, breaking through the boxed-in impression of him being simply a weed rapper and Pete Rock is, well…Pete Rock. Simple as that.

A year later and the album hasn’t lost any of it’s essence. That’s why it was cool when I stumbled upon this brief documentary by Mass Appeal entitled “Limitless” which was released earlier this year. Through the 3 minutes, Smoke DZA speaks on the creative process behind the construction of the album and how he wanted it to feel like a musical score for a Blaxploitation film from the ’70s. He also speaks about what it feels like to work with a legendary producer like Pete Rock and there’s even a Cam’ron cameo. Check it out below.