Khalid ‘Saved’ his mother’s music dream by becoming a star

This kid blew up. The moment anyone heard him sing, you could just tell he was going to be the next big thing in music. And now he is.

Seeing as how he’s: released a certified platinum album (aptly titled American Teen), been nominated for multiple Grammy awards and performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (among other accolades), there’s no denying his star is rising at an astronomical rate. But with all great success stories, there’s a humble beginning.

In this short documentary by The FADER, Khalid and his mother (Linda Wolfe) explain his come up in the music game and how he got the process started to become one of the hottest R&B acts today. Turns out like most artists, his upbringing was unconventional.

His mother was in the military and wanted to pursue a singing career herself but ultimately had to choose between raising her kids or war. Easy choice for her (or anyone for that matter) to make. The result of his mom’s choice would lead to the young Georgia born singer to move all around the United States, being an outcast/loner almost everywhere he went and leading him to the world of song, which helped him cope with his unusual adolescence.

Success (usually) is rewarded to those who deserve it…it’s not a handout.  You can watch the full documentary below.