Dave East’s relationship with Islam is highlighted in ‘I Am Def Jam: Dave East’

Spirituality plays a pivotal role in hip-hop. The true GOATs of the game will be the first to mention they owe it all to the most high (that’s God in case you didn’t know). Even putting artistry aside, it takes a true man/woman to admit to a higher entity calling the shots. That’s what makes Dave East’s journey to success all that more intriguing.

In Def Jam’s I Am Def Jam series, the Harlem MC speaks on being introduced to Islam during his incarceration and how it’s now a driving force in his life, professional and otherwise. It helped him cope with missing out on his basketball dreams and also keeps him humble in an industry that doesn’t necessarily support that frame of mind, all the time. There’s also a cameo by one of N.Y.’s finest Styles P, who comes through to drop some sage advice on the young rapper.

The short documentary can be viewed below.