According to him, SiR is the odd one out in the west coast music scene

The west coast scene within hip-hop has commonly been associated with gang affiliation or misogynistic lyrics. That’s why when SiR (TDE’s newest signee) burst onto the scene, it was a breath of fresh air. That’s because the crooner’s style hearkens back to yesteryear, when singers would serenade the ladies with smooth ballads, rather than lash out at females for not being subservient.

Sitting down with the Breakfast Club, the Inglewood native divulged the content of his music is a reflection of his personality and that he’s just trying to add something different to the hip-hop world, rather than follow the trend of west coast hip-hop’s content.

“[The content] hasn’t really changed much, I think I’m just the weirdo in L.A., I’m the different cat,” said SiR. “You know hip-hop is a tough place man, especially for the ladies. You know, niggas don’t be caring and I try to care you know what I mean? I can’t say I’m perfect but you know, I try.”

Albeit a change of pace from what’s to be expected from today’s west coast artist, the 31 year old says he still appreciates the typical west coast sound and will gladly leave that sound to the artists who are making it work for them.

“You still got your YG’s and Problem’s and stuff like that and you know, they do they thing and shout out to them I love they music, I dance to that shit all the time – but you know I’m just tryna do something different for myself,” he said.

In addition, he mentions he wouldn’t delve into that sort of sound for his music because it would make his artistry disingenuous, since he feels his music reflects his lifestyle appropriately.

“You won’t hear me talking about ‘I be out poppin guns’ and ‘I’m a gangsta’ and shit like that because that’s not me,” said the man born Sir Darryl Farris. “I go back to Cali and somebody will press my line like ‘oh okay where you from?’ you know what I mean? But I live my life and my music kinda represents me very well I feel like.”

Considering the R&B singer/songwriter covers the topic of love in abundance through his songs, it makes sense he would draw inspiration from a very real place. He revealed he’s been married for nine years and to his high school sweetheart no less.

“My wife is…she’s a special lady and she keeps my ass in check. Like I said I hold my respect for my mother high, same thing for my wife. I try to make sure that the music I put out is never disrespectful towards them and towards, you know, women in general.”

The full ~20 minute interview can be viewed below and in it he discusses numerous topics such as his mother being a back-up singer for pop icons such as Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, his financial struggle a mere three years ago that saw him and his family sleeping on floors, how Soundcloud lead to his signing with TDE and more.