Rapsody raps from the heart

"I went a lot of days not eating and giving away free albums after free albums so you know, you get what you supposed to get," - Rapsody

It’s hard to believe Rapsody has been in the game for ten years, considering she’s only now getting her shine. But her career is proof patience is a virtue, and in the end it’s well worth the wait. Now a two time Grammy nominated artist, and having recently dropped one of the best hip-hop albums in 2017 (if you haven’t had the chance, listen to it…you won’t regret it), the female MC is seeing her star rise at an astronomical rate and it’s due in part to the simple M.O. for her career: stay genuine.

Chopping it up with The Breakfast Club, the rapper from Snow Hill, NC spoke about staying true to herself and relaying that through her music. While it may have taken longer for her to rise to notoriety in contrast to her peers, being her honest self is why she believes her music was able to take off.

“Be yourself first and foremost because I see a lot of artists and they play they music and [out the] gate I’m like ‘you sound like this person’ like be yourself, you can’t be anybody better than they can be them and nobody can be you,” said Rapsody.  “I think the best thing you could do is, you know, just make honest music. Whatever your vibe is, whatever sound you going for, you just gotta keep them blinders on and focus on your lane.”

However, with hard work comes sacrifice and that’s a topic the Jamla Squad member has some experience in.

“Anything you want to make your life, you have to make it your life – you gotta wake up doing it, you gotta go to sleep doing it” she said. “I’ve talked with a lot of artists, even my labelmates, about sacrifice. I didn’t take many vacations [like one time] my grandmother turned 100, family had a big party – I missed it. [That’s] the dedication on the craft, you have to sacrifice to get back; whatever you give is what you gon’ get in return.”

Being yourself in the world of music can be daunting considering you’re putting your inner-self out there for the public to see, but Rapsody actually relishes this aspect of her career. The feedback she’s received from her audience lets her know she’s doing the right thing.

“I think this generation now they don’t even get variety on a mainstream level, if they looking at the TV and even sometimes the internet, so to be able to be somebody where people can look and see themselves like, a lot of the time [I get the response from people] like ‘yo you like the homegirl’ or like ‘the girl next door’ and I’m happy that I can see somebody that can be normal. You don’t have to be perfect all the time, you don’t have to have the makeup all [done up], you don’t have to have waist trainers on – just be yourself and I think that makes people feel at ease.”

The full interview can be viewed below and throughout, she talks about whether the Grammy nominations now make her feel validated as an artist, not being sure if she wants mainstream attention, having more male fans than female fans, what motivates her to keep making music and more.