Cozz hopes latest project propels him to the next level

Cozz is the latest budding artist from J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint which makes sense, considering he blew up and got signed to the label after releasing only one track and a matching visual (Dreams is that track). With that sort of notch in his belt, he’s looking to ride the momentum and make a greater impact with his debut album, titled Effected.

Sitting down with Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg shortly before the release of the project, Cozz spoke about his expectations for the album, indicating he believes it should resonate with all audiences and help him develop a better reputation as a legitimate artist.

“I expect it to be the one that gets me out of here, like a lil more known at least to the outside world,” said Cozz. “I feel I got something for everybody on the album. It’s a story, it’s my best project to date for sure and it’s my first official debut album. I got some of my favourite rappers on there, outside of Dreamville.”

Some of those rappers include Curren$y and Kendrick Lamar, which are some great features to land for a debut project.

His come-up might seem like luck considering how quickly he got signed, but in reality, his slow rise in the hip-hop world was anything but. The Los Angeles bred rapper kind of manifested his success through endless hard work, which would eventually lead to him networking with the right people.

“I just was working on [music] so hard, like solo at the crib and like when I had a regular job I be writing on the back of receipts and shit during my lunch break,” he said.

“Then I would use money [from] – whatever I was doing hustling or just like working – and I would go to the studio and pay for my own time. I think naturally I just started meeting people that were connected [in the industry] somehow. I felt like I had it and I worked so hard at it that I just felt like it [came to] fruition to build on itself kind of, but it was just like me working and just meeting people at the same time.”

The full interview can be viewed below (with a runtime of approximately 17 minutes) and during it, Cozz discusses how he first linked up with J. Cole, being humbled by being an opening act, how he came up with his stage name, his early influences and more.