Freddie Gibbs speaks on importance of fighting for your innocence

"I try to stay out of the political conversation man and just make music and have fun. That's why I post so many funny memes on Instagram because I just try to be lighthearted with everything nowadays man because life too short to be mad all day," - Freddie Gibbs on trying to stay positive in today's social climate

In a day and age where anyone can depict themselves however they’d like (with the assistance of technology and social media) there’s one rapper who has remained thorough from the jump: Freddie Gibbs.

With the recent surge of the #MeToo movement, sexual assault/harassment allegations have found its way into just about every industry – and hip-hop hasn’t been exempted. Gibbs would know something about that as he nearly lost his freedom while being held in both French and Austrian prisons after being falsely accused of rape. However, he never lost his faith because he knew he was innocent and that, he believes, is key when it comes to these allegations which are being thrown around.

Sitting down with Real 92.3, the East Side Gary, Indiana native spoke on the importance of defending your name when adversity gets thrown your way. He believes if you didn’t commit the heinous act you’ve been accused of, you owe it to yourself to fight for a complete acquittal and not settle for a plea deal, which would admit some sort of guilt. This is something he says just isn’t acceptable and in essence, it ain’t hip-hop.

I ain’t pleading shit in no rape case – I’m not taking no deal in no rape case,” said Gibbs. “Any of you niggas out there that took a deal in them shits, you did something nigga. This ain’t no drug case nigga, this is not admirable to have on your record. You don’t get no points off of this, this is disgusting – your name shouldn’t be in the mix of this so if it winds up in the mix of this, you have to go to the full extent to fight this, to prove that you did not do it.”

For Gangsta Gibbs, being in the hip-hop world has made him change the way he looks at some artists, forcing him to separate the art from the person because lines have been crossed for which he cannot forgive.

Ain’t none of us perfect, we all got [shit] but it’s just certain shit I gotta draw the line,” he said.

Like the rape or the pedophilia stuff like, if your name kinda in the mix of that or you like, plead out to some shit like, niggas be like ‘yeah I only got probation’ I’m like nigga you plead!…  Being in this industry it’s made me have to like separate my likes of peoples’ art from liking they values and they personal shit. It’s sad…you might make a cool song but if you in that vein [you can’t be respected].”

The Cold Day In Hell rapper attributes his innocence to being raised in the hood, since it forced him to keep certain aspects of his life to himself. This is something he believes today’s culture doesn’t quite understand.

Being from the streets like I don’t go to sleep around a woman I don’t know, you know what I’m saying? I don’t go to sleep around a nigga I don’t know,” said Gibbs.

I don’t even talk nasty to a bitch you know what I’m saying?  I don’t text nothing nasty, I don’t say nothing crazy.  I never done no [dick pics] shit like that, that’s some sick shit but you know we in the screenshot era, muthafuckas screenshot the fuck outta whatever you say so, I just figure just keep that bullshit to yourself and you know, you’ll be all good.”

For those not innocent and still trying to cry wolf, Gangsta Gibbs has one thing to say:

If you do it, you deserve to go to fuckin jail dawg.”

The full interview can be viewed below and throughout the ~20 minutes the man born Fredrick Tipton speaks about what he’s currently listening to, preparing for guest features like he’s going into a boxing match, his time spent in a foreign prison, touring with Strange Music, the violence in Chicago, ghostwriters in rap and much more.