It isn’t an epidemic anymore.  It’s simply a part of life now.

People do drugs. A lot of them. Any hip-hop fan out there knows this already, it’s nothing new. Hell, any music fan knows this.  Music and drug use have been the one-two punch of entertainment for decades and possibly since the beginning of the art form itself.  But I don’t think it’s that tough of an issue to comprehend – people use drugs to escape.

A lot of things can be considered a drug. Anything a person uses to escape from anything could be considered a drug, but we use other terms to differentiate them: vices, substances or habits to list a few. Ultimately, they’re all the same – a tool a person uses to escape their current reality.

I have never met a drug user or addict who didn’t enjoy their high more than their reality.  It’s the psychological science behind drugs; they give you a sense of euphoria that is otherwise unattainable in the day-to-day life.  Drugs let us lose our inhibitions and become more impulsive which, in some cases, might make a person feel a confidence like never before.

Drugs are often used by people (in my experience) who don’t have much to look forward to in their real life.  We all face demons…rich, poor, black, brown, white and everything in between.  Think of any social group, any ethnicity, culture, creed, whatever and they ALL have drug users among them.  They ALL have people who can’t face reality and not because of weakness, as society so often claims, but because the odds against them are immeasurable.  It may not just be economic either.  How many rich people have died from overdoses?  This clearly isn’t an economic issue; it’s a human one.

Until people have a solid support system to reach out to, they’ll continue to silently reach for the drugs.  Because the drugs get them.  The drugs understand them.  The drugs don’t judge them for feeling the way they feel or thinking the things they think.  The drugs, for a short period of time, take care of them.  Now how ridiculous is it that people find more solace in a drug than they do from their fellow human?

We need to be a little more understanding to this issue that’s plaguing society, particularly for the younger generations coming up.  They’re openly using drugs right in front of our faces and it’s up to the older heads to sit them aside and educate them as to why it’s a messy lifestyle to pursue.  Sure, not everyone is going to be receptive to the advice and nowadays, some kids might tell us to fuck off with our telling them how to live or what to do.  However, some will listen and those are the ones we can save.

The youth today need a support system that doesn’t necessarily have to understand them but is willing to hear them out.  In the end, drug users today aren’t that different from drug users in years past.  They’ve got a story to tell that’ll let everyone know where the drug use stems from.  It’s up to us to listen and be that shoulder for them to lean on.  We all have a part to play because as anyone who has experienced drug use whether directly or indirectly…when drugs are involved it’ll affect us all.