River – Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran

Now this is some heavy content.

That’s to be expected from Eminem but this is some captivating work.  Truth be told, I wasn’t that into Revival when it dropped (still not) but this track is stellar and certainly was a standout in my eyes.  Its music video does it justice as well.

Em shows off his acting chops as he plays the role of the worst kind of third wheel, playing the side piece to some chick who’s having relationship woes.  We see the woman’s husband give a testimonial about how the relationship could be better but he never could have expected she’d be playing him for one Marshall Mathers.

With Ed Sheeran on the hook (and occasionally making cameos throughout), the video shows how the lustful endeavour turns ugly when Em finds out the woman is pregnant – and wants to keep the baby.  Moral of the story: don’t trifle.

Watch the music vid below.