Guns don’t kill people; weak minds do.

What possesses a person to willingly get themselves a gun?  I’m sure I’m not the only person who has ever pondered this question but it is something that needs to be addressed.  We know gun control is a major issue around the world and has been increasingly on our radars as of late due to, what I can only presume is, additional 24/7 coverage of incidents due to the evolution of the internet but still….why?

I don’t think I have all the answers but there’s definitely some merit to the theories that are thrown out there.  For one, it’s a sense of power when a person is holding that gun.  When they’re gripping that handle and the barrel is in line with their own sight, it’s as if they themselves have become one with the gun.  They feel as if the power the gun wields is the power they wield.  But with basic education we learn that is a fallacy.  A tool does not make one strong or weak; it aids what’s already in them.

If a person is already weak minded, then a tool won’t necessarily help them win a bout.  They could still lose to someone who has the mental fortitude to scrap (think of all the many videos we’ve seen on the internet of gun wielding people being subdued by someone who isn’t armed).  Now of course there’s always an exception.  Some people might have to use a gun to protect themselves due to the nature of their environments.  It’s kill or be killed, survival of the fittest sometimes.  But it still stems from that one person or group of people who are too weak to defend themselves naturally.  Hell, there are animals who will fight to the bitter end with pride.  Humans can’t do that?

Nobility is synonymous with strength.  People, young people in particular, need to understand the repercussions that come with toting guns.  It’s not cool anymore.  It never was.  People who have taken lives spend the rest of theirs repenting and begging God for forgiveness.  Humans weren’t meant to take lives.  It’s a tough cross to bear.  Just because modern humanity is based on generations of bloodshed doesn’t make it right.  It just makes it all the more sad that this stuff keeps happening.

Guns have the power to change the whole course of a multitude of lives.  One single bullet can destroy a generation of families.  And for what?  Because someone needed to feel tough?  Someone couldn’t stand being called out, embarrassed or handle a loss?  I’m an old school kind of guy.  I believe when you have a problem and need to confront someone about it, you do it face-to-face and throw down.  There’s something therapeutic about getting your ass kicked and dishing out an ass kicking.  There’s also something profound about someone having to wake up the next day, look themselves in the mirror – all bruised and battered – and admit to themselves, literally to their own face, they lost.  That takes guts.  That takes gall.  That’s what true strength is.  If you take someone’s life for wronging you, how will they ever learn?  They literally don’t have to live with the consequences – but the shooter does.  So shooters of the world, is it worth it?