I Found You / Nilda’s Story – Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris & Miguel

Humans will never cease to amaze me.  Capable of many astounding feats, yet still easily attracted to vitriol, corruption and evil.

Nilda has a story to tell, much like most asylum seekers.  Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris, along with the assistance of Miguel, tell her story in as raw and poetic a fashion as possible.

They give us a visual guide to her journey from Honduras to the U.S. where she fled from one gang only to be detained by another.

It is absolutely ridiculous during the 21st century someone legitimately fleeing their homeland due to their and their child’s life being in danger has to be scrutinized and endure harassment rather than being assisted.  We have it too good on this side of the world.

The full video can be viewed below.  Best of luck to Nilda and anyone else seeking refuge in the Western hemisphere.  Safe travels and blessings to you.

Also, here’s Benny’s Tweet about the situation: