ScHoolboy Q speaks on being fatherless and fathering his own

"I don’t lie to you, I could easily just rap about Donald Trump and The Wall but you got mad niggas doing that already. I’m giving you me, I’m giving you real full fledged me...You can hear it in my album dawg like the introspective work. I’m talking about me I don’t know how to talk about other shit BUT me." - ScHoolboy Q talking about his sound

It’s important to be there for your kid.  That goes without saying and yet for decades, there’s been an epidemic of fathers ghosting on their offspring.  The role parents play in a child’s life is vital and has a direct impact on how they end up for better or for worse.  Case in point: Schoolboy Q.

Sitting down with hip-hop’s newest social worker Charlamagne Tha God (*side note: shoutout to CTG for the work he’s been doing recently; he’s really tryna destigmatize mental health in the hip-hop community and that’s dope*), the L.A. born rapper opened up about all aspects of his life including the impact fatherhood has had on him.  He’s striving to be the best dad he can be which is admirable considering his pops is, and has been, nowhere to be found.

Speaking on his lack of a father, Groovy Q didn’t hold back on how he feels about the man who left him to fend for himself.

“Fuck that nigga he a bitch, I don’t know where that bitch ass nigga at he could be dead all I care, fuck him,” said ScHoolboy.  “My mama did what she did nigga, she was my mama and daddy bruh you know what I’m saying?  My grandma played daddy nigga you know what I mean?  Fuck that nigga I don’t need that nigga.”

While he could understandably be upset about the topic at hand, the TDE member seemingly came to a realization midway through his tirade and actually found a bright spot in an otherwise dark portion of his life.

“I actually commend that nigga because I got my own family tree you know what I’m saying?” he said.  “I started my own family tree I don’t have the last name of none of my family members, not even him.  I got my own last name, Hanley nigga, you get what I’m saying?  I got my own family tree and I’m the head of that so thank you.”

Having grown into a very successful artist both on his own and as part of a unit, the man born Quincy Hanley is able to pave his own path without having to compare himself to another.  In part, this is due to his mom who he said never stopped hustling for him and is the reason he developed such tough skin.

This fresh perspective towards life and his affinity for the women who helped mold him is helping him shape his own rendition of fatherhood towards his daughters.  Having said he loves having little girls and wants nothing but daughters, he understands raising girls are a responsibility he simply cannot ignore.

“When you have a daughter you really gotta go home everyday, you gotta set the example of what type of man she needs to get,” he said.  “My daughter needs a nigga like me I’m not taking nothing less.  I don’t want that square ass shit ‘oh I have a master’s degree…’ he can have a master’s degree but he gotta be doing something with that master’s degree though.”

Diving deeper into what he would ideally like for his daughters with regards to their potential mates, the proud papa wouldn’t necessarily mind if the boys they brought home were a little rough around the edges.

“I don’t want her with a nigga that can be stopped, I want her with a nigga that’s gon be down for her and that’s gon be really there and that’s gon come home every night,” he said.  “I want her with a nigga that made mistakes before, don’t get you no square ass nigga that ain’t done nothing, that’s gon run into something and then he gon fuck over you.  Get a nigga that done did all that old shit.  You don’t want no clean slate nigga man it never works out like that.”

Not ignoring his past, Q understands his own upbringing was a little more than rough but still wouldn’t mind if someone with those experiences was brought home by one of his daughters.  He doesn’t want to be one of those overbearing parents who give their child no freedom.

“Nah he don’t have to be [like me] but I mean even if he was that I’m with that too,” said ScHoolboy.  “I’m not that daddy that’s like ‘you can’t have a boyfriend AH! Who is this nigga AHH?!’ taking your phone and shit.  She gon groove her groove, that’s what she gon do, I’m gonna embrace it.”

In the end, he can only hope his kids are able to look past a person’s experiences and ultimately make the right choice based on the right knowledge, partly due to him always having their backs.

“I’m just a nigga that just support because I saw the mistakes my mom made with me.  She was amazing, but she still made mistakes and it’s mistakes that I’m gonna make with my daughter, [that] hopefully she pick up now…I’m just tryna elevate my family tree.”

The full interview runs about 40 minutes and throughout, the MC talks about blogs and critics being full of shit, how success has contributed to his depression, how the death of his good friend Mac Miller affected him and why he started sobering up, among other things.

The video can be viewed below.