Grace Of God – Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown

"Now that I’m wise I realize that all I did was hide" - Joell Ortiz

No matter what anyone says, hip-hop can never be dead. Ever.

I refuse to believe that when we got MCs like Joell Ortiz and beatmakers like Apollo Brown dropping gems like this off.

The entire Mona Lisa project is aptly titled because it truly is a masterpiece but this track in particular is a next type of eye opening.

No matter how much we try to influence it, life will have twists and turns out of our control.  Truly, there has to be some sort of divine intervention involved with regards to how some of us turned out, and that’s what these two hip-hop heavyweights show us with this song.

Joell lets us know where he came from and how easily his life could have went off centre, while Apollo vibes out beside him.  All this while a history of that BK life literally plays out on the wall behind them.

The music vid can be viewed below.