Jameela Jamil on the key role men play in feminism

"I'm aware that some people find me annoying and a bit relentless, but until shame takes a day off and until this dangerous behaviour takes a day off, I won't." - Jameela Jamil on socialites misrepresenting themselves to their fans

It’s been said we could all use a helping hand.  As Jameela Jamil points out, that includes when it comes to feminism.

The British actress and activist sat down with Charlamagne Tha God as part of his Emerging Hollywood series where she broke down how the misconceptions of feminism are holding the movement back, particularly the term ‘femi-nazi’ and the idea that feminists hate men.  This is something she believes is an ill-conceived notion that doesn’t encapsulate female activism correctly.

We do want men to be our allies, we literally need men to be our allies and if you look back through history in every case of oppression, the oppressed, however much they fight to get the attention of the oppressor, they rely upon the mercy of the oppressor” said Jamil.

So my feminism is very inclusive of men and is not at all like, attacking of men.  I call men out when they need to be called out but I very much so want friends and allies in this because I think it would benefit men and women to have us all be equals.”

She goes on to mention before everyone can get on the same page, they must first be able to accept and forgive each other in order to move forward.  In an era where one slip-up can mean total banishment from society, the former English teacher doesn’t think ‘woke-bashing’ and ‘cancel culture’ are doing the masses any favours because it ultimately leads to people not taking chances.

I think some feminism can sometimes be understandably aggressive and angry towards men, but in a way that sometimes makes men so defensive and shuts them out,” she said.

I think woke-bashing and cancel culture is super dangerous because it devalues progress.  It’s saying that if you ever made a mistake or you ever thought the wrong thing or you ever weren’t woke or you’ve made a mistake now that you’ve said sorry for, and you’re actively changing your ways, it doesn’t matter because once you’ve committed any sin you’re done and you’re out forever.  I don’t think that’s helpful because then people are just gonna stop bothering to learn if they think that there’s no value in that.”

Like most forms of activism, consistency is key.  That’s why The Good Place actress doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon.  To her, in order to bring change you need to at least make an attempt first and if you’ve done that, then you’ve done your job.  A person can’t move forward if they don’t move.

I just have high hopes, low expectations and that’s been my key to happiness,” she said.

I see trying as winning and everything on top of that is just cake and so I think we need to put more emphasis on that, so people actually try and live their dreams and don’t like, hold themselves back because they’re so scared of failure.”

The full 15 minute interview can be viewed below and throughout, the media personalities discuss a bevy of topics including Jameela’s past health issues, going after celebrities who co-sign bogus flat tummy teas, the importance of celebs being honest with the cosmetic work they get done, roles in Hollywood she would reject, and more.