Kevin Durant is prepared for the future NBA

"I played up until I was 17 at home, so I played all my time - it's time for me to explore other parts of the world playing basketball" -- KD on why playing in Washington isn't a priority

Not everyone is capable of facing father time head on, but for Kevin Durant he’s already thinking ahead.

In an interview with Hot97, the NBA superstar revealed he’s got his mind made up regarding how he’ll approach the future generations of basketball players and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes of previous eras.

I’m definitely gon support the youngsters, they gon definitely keep me young you know what I’m sayin? I see a lot of older dudes that’s not really into the younger generation and I ain’t wanna be one of them cats,” said the Brooklyn Nets star.

There’s gon come a time we all gon be looked at as washed and I understand that. Like, when I’m 36, 37 there’s gon be a young fella that’s 19, 20 destroying the league like I used to do it and I gotta make a choice – am I gonna like hate on em just a little bit and you know, tear em down just a little bit or support em, you know what I’m sayin?”

Understanding he won’t be able to play at this calibre forever, the Maryland native took it upon himself to dictate his career trajectory. First leaving Oklahoma for Golden State, and then leaving that team to join Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan on the Nets, the perennial all-star thinks players would rather create their own opportunities and not wait to be handed one.

The goal is, I mean for me I guess, is to perfect your craft and make a lot of money,” said the former NBA Finals MVP.

I feel like a lot of my peers feel the same way. You wanna play with guys that are just as good as you, that understand the game just as much as you. You don’t wanna be on the timeline of a GM, they might be thinking ‘let’s go young for this season [or] we got a young guy that we want to develop’ and you got a player that’s 7, 8 years in his career that wanna experience what a championship run is like. So yeah, he should make that decision and go play for the best team.”

Of course, there are lessons to be learned as a celebrity athlete and one of those is coming to grips with knowing you simply cannot help everyone. For KD, that’s a regret which taught him to be cognizant of his inner circle.

Just investing in people, too many other people where you just wanna see everybody shine and you was giving money just ‘cause,” he said.

I think more so than anything is when you come up, you wanna help so many people, you wanna put them in positions to succeed but sometimes that don’t work. You lose a lot of money in the process, you know what I’m sayin, taking care of everybody so I just kinda tightened my circle up and move the way I move.”

The full ~30 minute interview can be viewed below and throughout, KD discusses: OKC’s big 3 and if he regrets leaving, theories as to why the New York Knicks don’t land any major star players, why radio stations don’t play underground rap (i.e. Freddie Gibbs) during prime time slots, why he chose the Nets, not playing for his home team Washington Wizards, his charity work and more.