Trevor Noah believes America’s politics can learn from its sports

"I find it interesting that we live in a culture where people will judge random civilians by what they did back in the day, more than they would judge politicians. My tweets have never affected your housing, my tweets have never affected your schools, but people treat it like that," - Trevor Noah on misplaced judgment

It would be an understatement to suggest today’s political climate is tumultuous.  Yet, it truly is becoming overbearing.  Partisan politics is slowly eroding society, simply because citizens in various countries are having a hard time comprehending how policies actually work.

During an interview with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club radio show, Trevor Noah – comedian and host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show – suggested the United States in particular needs to think about reassessing their current political system.

The problem is you only have two parties in America, imagine if you only had two sports teams – people would kill each other,” said Noah.

I think that’s probably one of the biggest things that’s gonna divide and keep on dividing America is the idea that there are only two ideas of how to live life.  There are not two ideas on anything.  You guys have seventeen types of cereal, you only have two political parties?”

Keeping with the sports analogy, the South African native went a step further and recommended American voters start approaching their political parties the way they approach being a fan of their favourite sports teams.

I feel like people should swap the way they treat sports with the way they treat politics,” he said.

I feel like people treat sports in a really healthy manner.  In sports they go ‘this is my team, this is what we’re about’ [and] if there’s players who are doing some crazy shit that they don’t agree with, they’re not playing well, they’re not passing the ball, not scoring, whatever, what do they say?  ‘Kick him outta the team, kick that coach out, kick that player out, that’s not what this team is about’ but with politics people are like ‘no, no, we’re just gonna keep him.’”

Until voters can clearly identify the policies they want implemented and not blindly support an individual, change will be stagnant at best.  This is something he likens to the corruption seen in modern religion.

My problem is you should not be supporting a person, you should be supporting your God, you should be in your religion and I think a lot of the time churches and pastors have taken that power and mantle and they’ve created their own world of being a false idol,” said Noah.

It’s the same thing that happens to politics in America.  I don’t understand why people support the politician; you should be supporting your policies, you should say ‘this is what I need done in this country, this is what I want to see happen with education, this is what I want to see happen with low income communities.’  You shouldn’t care if the politician gets taken down because what happens is people get obsessed with the politician and so it becomes a cult of personality and now people don’t know how to separate the person from the policies.”

The full hour long interview can be viewed below and throughout, Trevor discusses a myriad of topics including how cultural histories were also stolen during the slave trade, being bullied as a kid, cancel culture and why it’s flawed, why the U.S. military will be the saving grace of Trump’s Presidency, his view on the use of the n-word, having an open conversation about defining consent and more.