RadioMan is a site focused on the positives within the hip-hop world.  At a time where free will is constantly being tested and negativity is running rampant, it’s important to remember there’s a lot of good, to go with the bad.

There are truly remarkable stories to be told, most of which go unnoticed due to being buried under bigger headlines and bigger drama.  This blog is about focusing on those stories. It’s about reminding people of the core principles of hip-hop culture. A reminder that hip-hop is not relegated to just one genre or style, but is an amalgamation of various cultures and art — always looking for new methods of inclusion and sharing wisdom.

The content on this site doesn’t have an expiration date because the information within it will always be relevant.  Always bringing knowledge in the form of first hand recounts, RadioMan offers stories and wisdom from the people themselves, never from hearsay.  That’s why RadioMan is always…

All Hip-Hop. No Gossip.